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Project Description
Small application built for Windows Mobile and Windows Smartphone that allows the end-user to access hidden settings and common tweaks to the operating system. MobileConfig allows the user to customize the "tweaks" and publish them for other users to download and use.

This is the intial release that I made on my web site at I'm looking for help with the project as I begin to migrate it to better support Windows Mobile devices.

Planned Features
Device Dependent Settings - Currently the application will make all tweaks available regardless if your device supports them. This needs to be fixed to allow device to filter the tweaks in the config file to display all tweaks that are specific to the current device and tweaks that are not device specific.

Interface Fixes - Currently the number of settings on each configuration screen is limited to two items. If anybody knows how to make a screen autoscroll that would be helpful.

Multiple Configuration Files - I'd like to have the system be able to download, maintain and display multiple configuration files. This would not only allow for better organization but would also allow config file builders to publish device specific tweaks that do not overwrite any already on the end-user's device.

Build Requirements
Visual Studio.Net 2005
Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone SDK

You'll also need a config file to start using MobileConfig or the MobileConfigBuilder, you can download my latest beta version at

I've put up some info on both the MobileConfig and MobileConfig Builder applications on my web site at:
MobileConfig -
MobileConfig Builder -

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